Topeak Torx Bitkit 9

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A complete 9 piece Torx bit set for road and mountain bike repair and maintenance. Designed to work with all Topeak ratchets and torque wrenches as well as other brand ratchets and bit drivers. Generous 30mm bit length makes it easy to reach tough bolt locations and knurling prevents fumbling when changing bits or removing bits from the organizer.

SIZE 7.6 x 3 x 1 cm / 3” x 1.2” x 0.4”
WEIGHT 56 g / 1.98 oz
TOOL MATERIAL S2 hardened steel
ORGANIZER MATERIAL Engineering grade polymer
TOOLS T6 / T7 / T8 / T9 / T10 / T15 / T20 / T25 / T30 Torx® bits
COMPATIBILITY Ratchet Rocket series, D-Torq Wrenches, Nano TorqBar series, Torq Stick, Ratchet Stick, Omni Tool Card, 1/4” hex bit drivers