Bike Fitting


We believe a customised bike fit is a critical component for being a successful cyclist.

We cater to all types of cyclists and stock the best equipment from the best brands. One of the most popular services we provide is a Bike Fit, we believe we are the leaders of bike fits in Auckland, New Zealand. With big advancements in bike fitting in the last decade, riders are starting to see the huge benefits that can be derived from being in the perfect position on the correctly sized bike. 

We offer bike fits that are accurate due to the experience of our qualified bike fitter. Our prices are competitive with other bike fit studios in Auckland and our Manual fits only cost $200. The fits cover things such as leg length discrepancies along with foot width and length measurements. We fit wedges and shims along with footbeds with adjustable arch heights. We work with all types of pedal types and brands and stock everything.

Both fits take a reasonable amount of time about 90-200 minutes as our fits are the most accurate and precise bike fits in Auckland.