Topeak Power Lever Counter Display Box

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Box of 25 Topeak Power Levers. Wholesale $8.40+ per Power Lever as part of this package (normally $11.90+ if purchased individually).


Topeak Power Lever

An ingenious lightweight multifunction tool! Two levers connect to form power link pliers for removing or installing a chain’s master link. Power Lever easily separates into two pieces for use as two tire levers. Integrated chain hook holds chain steady while removing or installing master link.

Note: Not compatible with Shimano® QUICK-LINK (SM-CN900-11)

  • Works as power lInk pliers to remove master links
  • Works as power lInk pliers to install master links
  • Separates into two tire levers
  • Built-in compartments for a pair of chain links and chain hook (Chain link not included)
TOOLS PowerLink pliers, tire levers and stainless steel wire chain hook
TOOL MATERIAL Engineering grade polymer
ADDED FEATURE Chain link storage compartment
SIZE 11.5 x 2.3 x 1.8 cm / 4.5” x 0.9” x 0.7”
WEIGHT 45 g / 1.59 oz

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.