Silca Rim Speed Balance Kit

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The Silca Speed Balance Kit is a simple but superbly well designed and engineered advance and improvement upon standard wheel balancing kits. This small addition sits neatly and aerodynamically against the rim of your carbon wheel, assuring you of a close fit and reduced drag.

Each kit including two-speed balance pods, each one capable of offsetting 10 grams of weight in your wheel, you can bring your rim back in line, perfect your rolling, and improve your experience on the bike. Improving your handling and providing a saving of 1 watt at 30mph, you can make the easy efficiencies you need when riding.


  • 2 x Speed Balance Pods (each pod contains 1 magnet and 4 tugnsten slugs)
  • 2 x Speedshield Aero Valve Stem Pod

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.