Shimano XC90 MTB-Pro Shoes

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Engineered for speed in all conditions.


The XC90 is Shimano’s ultimate high-end  race shoe, Based on technology used in Shimano’s road shoes, With an Ultra-stiff carbon fibre midsole shank and outsole plate to create a solid platform for pedaling, yet its flexible heel allows for easier hike a bike, or walk sections, Mud-shedding polyurethane lugs and metal toe spikes for increased traction in extreme muddy conditions combined with a directional fabric lining to prevent heel lift, Shimano’s Dynalast system shapes the last and defines the “springiness” of the sole to reduce fatigue and undue stress on the foot, calve and hamstring muscles. Like all Shimano products, build quality is second to none and great looks to boot, you will be sure to turn some heads with these puppy’s.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.