Schwalbe Aerothan Tubes

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Aerothan is a material that completely redefines bicycle tubes: extremely light, with maximum puncture protection and designed for minimum rolling resistance.


During the development of Aerothan Tubes, Schwalbe have explored new avenues right from the beginning. The result was a high-end alternative to conventional bicycle tubes. The next generation Aerothan tube sets new standards for weight, puncture protection, riding characteristics, easy installation and packing dimensions. Specifically made for road bikes, MTBs and all-round purposes. 




Fully light-weight, right to the valve - about 40% less weight than a comparable Schwalbe extra light tube

Puncture protection newly defined - the material itself prevents sudden air loss

Minimal rolling resistance - maximum riding dynamics

Extremely heat resistant - certified for rim brakes

A stable ride - even with low air pressures

Easy installation - without slipping or pinching

Made in Germany

100% recyclable



Aerothan tubes consist of 100% thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), including the valve, and are therefore fully recyclable. Like all Schwalbe tubes, Aerothan tubes may be returned to Schwalbe at no cost using the tube recycling programme. The material of used tubes is recycled to make sealing or insulation material.