Rouleur Custom Castelli Aero Race 5.1 Men's Jersey

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Another Season - Yet more gains. The fastest jersey Castelli has ever made.

After starting the aero jersey revolution in pro cycling, Castelli continue to develop, evolve and perfect this piece. While the 2015 Aero Race 5.0 Jersey represented the biggest leap forward in terms of race performance, the new 5.1 model builds on the race-leading aerodynamics while making the jersey more comfortable and durable. Updated fabrics on the front and back showed a 2 watt gain in the wind tunnel. Those 2 watts could be vital out on the road - saved energy equals more power at the end of the race which is why the Cannondale pros use it for the fastest of races.


But it’s not just aero; it’s also extremely light, coming in at just 103g. That’s about 40g lighter than a standard jersey and almost as light as the super light Castelli Climber’s Jersey. Just like you, pro riders are looking for comfort, and the lightweight polyester fabrics in this jersey dry nearly instantly, making this the go-to choice even for cool- or wet weather racing. A compression band around the pockets keeps them from moving or bouncing no matter how you load them up, while a silicone gripper keeps the jersey flush with your body.

Velocity Dry Dimpled Fabric

Lightweight polyester fabric dries almost instantly. Controlled stretch allows for luxurious comfort and unmatched aerodynamic fit. The dimpled surface helps break the boundary layer of airflow and thus improves aerodynamic performance.

StradaPro 3D Fabric

100% polyester multidenier fabric. The 3D weave reduces contact area with your skin to provide excellent wicking. It dries in the blink of an eye and in fact is the ideal fabric for hot-weather racing.


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