Rotor UNO Rim Brake Groupset Box

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Break away from the rest with  ROTOR's hydraulic actuated groupset: UNO.


Exclusive, lightweight, low maintenance, and technologically distinct, UNO merged the most-desirable characteristics of both electronic and mechanical systems to forge a new category of groupset technology. By partnering with Magura to produce UNO's rim brake system, you get the benefit of more than a century's-worth of expertise in hydraulic brake systems. Magura's RT8 rim brakes feature more precise braking control thanks to hydraulics, a quick release for fast wheel changes, and frictionless, dirt resistant design and technology for easy maintenance.

Total weight UNO Groupset= 1655 g, which includes shifters, front and rear derailleur, filled, uncut hoses, rim brake calipers and installation hardware, chain and cassette; designed for any ROTOR power meter.


*Chain Not Included

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.