Rotor Direct Mount Kapic Axle

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KAPIC Carbon Cranks compliment the evolution of wider MTB bike frames and are compatible with Boost (L135) and Superboost (144) axles. Boost: Q-Factor: 169.5 mm, Chain line: 52 mm. SuperBoost: Q-Factor: 178.5mm, Chain line: 56.5 mm. KAPIC aluminium Cranks are compatible with Boost (L141) axles. KAPIC’s axle features a cleverly designed spline interface when mounted to Direct Mount chainrings that delivers a robust yet smooth engagement allowing you to maximise the efficiency in transmission of power in your pedal rotation. Combined with our new modular KAPIC cranks and Q RINGS oval chainrings or Round chainrings, the innovative axle includes refined OCP Mount technology so you can now adjust your optimal chainring position by precise one degree increments.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.