Panaracer CG Soft Condition 26x2.25 MTB Tyre

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The side knobs are wrapped further round the tyre edges and are designed with extra flex to provide confidence and stability in cornering and sure footedness over tricky wet roots and rocks.

Well spaced knobs shed mud easily and Combo Compound is used to increase tread life. The SC 2.25 hasa slightly higher more aggressive knob profile.

ZSG Combo Compound
At the base of each knob is a super rebound, proprietary soft compound mixture that was developed from our groundbreaking ZSG technology. The difference between this softer rubber and other companies softer rubber is that even at a low durometer rating of 42-44, it lasts twice as long as the others. We also add a hard shell compound covering over the head of each knob to lock in the softness and control, while enhancing both the longevity and performance of the tire. When combined, the two compounds work in conjunction with each other to provide the optimal knob responsiveness needed to get up, over, around, or down anything with the utmost control and comfort.

When you see the ASB logo, it means that the tire has a proprietary anti-rebound rubber strip that reduces the chance of pinch flats by an average of 40%!

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.