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Knog Pwr Bike Lighthead 700 L

Knog Pwr Bike Lighthead 700 L

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The PWR Lighthead 700L is part of Knog’s PWR Range. Compatible with the small, medium and large PWR Banks you can build the bike light that you want.

The PWR Lighthead 700L outputs an elliptical style beam for broader and brighter road coverage.

You can also program the lighthead to suit your needs with Knog’s Modemaker app – control brightness, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.

The Story

Knog makes innovative products that inspire people to explore the great outdoors.

Knog has been designing innovative products since 2002. We want to be with you in the rain, in the sun, lighting up dark laneways, helping you see, and helping you be heard. We design products so we’re with you on the town, on the road, and in the wilderness.

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