Juice Lubes Double Ender Brush

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The Double Ender brush is a flexible, stiff and double-pronged brush that'll leave your dirty bits gleaming.

It comes with a tough rubber handle and hard-wearing bristles for anything that’s filthy enough to need a proper scrubbing. It's built to be stiff enough to really take some welly but flexible enough to reach those tricky spots.

As with all things, go steady. Excessive rubbing or pressure won’t do any good and could lead to surface scratching. For really sensitive bits, we’d recommend a sponge or microfibre cloth.

  • Removes dirt from hard to reach areas

  • Adjustable prongs

  • Hard wearing nylon bristles

  • Tough impact resistant rubberized handle and impact zones

  • Ideal for linkages, discs, shocks, pedals, chainstays, spokes etc

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.