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Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice Chain Lube

Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice Chain Lube

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A space age lube for dry to damp conditions that will guarantee the crispest shifts ride after ride after ride (after ride) on the road or on the mountain.

Our Chain Juice Ceramic Lube dives deep into your chain, coating it in a protective shield that keeps shifts slick and components healthy. It’s a doddle to apply and will guarantee more crucified-legs days on the trails and less bleary-eyed nights in the workshop.

  • Suitable for use on all types of bike - Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter

  • 100% synthetic lubricant containing special additives to ensure outstanding corrosion protection.

  • Incredibly durable, giving long distance performance

  • Incorporates thermally stable, hexagonal Boron nitride sub-micron particles; this laminar plate structure reduces friction, prevents metal to metal contact and surface scuffing

  • Reduces the rate of wear to drivetrain components when compared to more conventional lubricants

  • Extremely low levels of friction to ensure maximum drivetrain efficiency

  • Crisp, clean and quiet shifting

  • Extremely effective as a cable lubricant

  • Can also be used to effectively lubricate derailleur jockey wheels

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