Lún: GRAPID 700c or 650b Gravel Wheelset

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After nearly a decade of making road and mountain bike wheels, we took what we learned from both and developed the GRAPID series. The Lún GRAPID Series is about letting you have care-free adventures out on the trails but without feeling weighed down by a heavy aero-inefficient wheelset when riding on the roads. For the home mechanic, no spoke holes in the rim-bed makes tubeless even easier to set-up and the tool-free hub maintenance design means less tools to carry out on your adventures.

Two sizes, Pick your flavor.

Available in both 650B or 700C variations, the Lún GRAPID wheels have an option to suit your needs. Most gravel bikes will allow for installing wider tires when using a 650B wheel, allowing you to go exploring on the snarliest of terrain. However, if your frame supports it or if you don't need quite so wide tires, 700C offers lower rolling resistance and traverses smaller objects like tree roots and rocks easier than it's 650B brother.

Tubeless Ready if you are

We're hooked on tubeless. We love it's improved rolling resistance and the lack of pinch flats. We designed the Lún GRAPID rims to be as easy to setup tubeless as possible. No spoke holes in the rim bed means you never have to worry about rim tape or air leaking through the spoke holes. Combined with a high quality gravel tubeless tire such as WTB or Panaracer, mounting the tire is straight-forward and the tire can usually be seated with a regular floor pump and minimum fuss. Upto 25mm wide internal rim bed (35mm external width) means the rims are ready and optimized for the latest generation of performance gravel tires. Reinforced carbon hooks ensure a wider range of compatibility with tubeless tires from most manufacturers. But hey, if you're still not convinced by tubeless technology, you'll be happy to know our rims are 100% compatible with traditional clincher tires and tubes.




- 650B: 35mm deep, 30mm wide rim. 700C: 38mm deep, 32mm wide rim.
- Tubeless-ready, hooked rim-bead with no spokes holes in the rim bed for easy tubeless setup. Upto 25mm internal width to accommodate a wide range of both tubeless and clincher tires.


- Pillar 1420 Spokes
- For over 30 years Pillar have been producing some of the best spokes on the market for all terrain types.
- Aerodynamic profile for decreased air resistance.
- Rear wheel : 24 spoke double-crossed lacing pattern.
- Front wheel : 20 spoke double-crossed lacing pattern.

Hubs:- Bespoke engineered Winspace hubs.
- Over-sized 17mm central axles.
- Supplied with standard Shimano compatible 11s freewheel body.
- SRAM XDR Driver also available upon request.
- 6803 and 6903 Precision stainless steel bearings for maximum durability.
- Compatible with F:12x100 R:12x142 thru-axles.
- Supports center-lock disc rotors.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.