Goodyear Mtb Tyre Newton Mtr (Rear) Enduro 27.5"

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A tyre that is at its best bringing up the rear while sprinting out the start hut of your race run, as you attack those loose off camber sections, hold the line on rocky chutes and pinballing down rock sections. Drive focused tread delivers speed and durability with tracking performance that inspires confidence transitioning from straight-line to cornering across a wide range of conditions.


2023 Goodyear Newton Who2023 Goodyear Newton MTR Where

The tyre, that small contact patch that connects you to the ground, is arguably the most important part of your bike. When you’re in the start hut, about to drop into your race run you need to know that this essential component is designed specifically with the job in mind. What better choice than the tire named after the man who defined the very laws of gravity.

The profile of the Newton range is inspired by the motocross (MX) world. By utilizing a rounder profile for the Newton MTF (front), damping capacity is increased and the tyre footprint is elongated; in the real world, this offers improved straight-line control while providing a greater contact patch for braking. The Newton MTR (rear) maintains a squarer profile and paired with uniform, closely spaced outer knobs. The tyre’s wider footprint offers greater drive traction and confidence inspiring transition between center tread to side knobs.

  • Both tread patterns in the Newton range are available in Trail, Enduro and Downhill specific casing layups. Each casing layup is then paired with multi-durometer compounds developed specifically for the tire’s intended application and front / rear use.

  • The Newton MTR Enduro features our new Dynamic Grip3 compound, a rear-specific, triple density 40/50/60a compound offering balanced levels of grip and tread wear.

  • The dual-ply, 120TPI construction casing is supple and fast rolling, with improved traction while providing high levels of support and puncture resistance. A butyl sidewall layer provides abrasion and cut defense while providing additional sidewall support.

  • Weight: 1070g (2.4"), 1180g (2.6")

CASING CONSTRUCTION: 2 x 120TPI, Tubeless Complete™
TREAD COMPOUND: Dynamic Grip3S, Triple-density 40/42/60a Compound
CASING/PROTECTION: EN:Wall with Butyl Reinforcement
WIDTH: 2.4", 2.6"
WEIGHT: 1070g (2.4"), 1180g (2.6")


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