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Giro Shoe Deed Black

Giro Shoe Deed Black

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For flat pedal performance, it's hard to beat the Giro Deed MTB Cycling Shoes. They combine a stealthy quick-drying upper and a super-sticky sole unit, offering unshakeable grip and comfort on any mountain bike trail.

When you're dropping into your favourite mountain bike trails you want to give your full focus on what's rushing your way. And having a great grip on your pedals is vital. And this is where the Deed MTB Cycling Shoes come in. Superb and confidence-inspiring grip comes via the design and materials used in the sole unit. 

Tack™ x Mute™ = Unbeatable Pedal Grip

The sole is made from Giro's tacky Tack™ Rubber. This highly elastic rubber offers a forceful hold on the pedals so you can be full of confidence when flying into technical trails. It's moulded into Giro's Gamma tread design, creating a sole that offers an unrivalled grip of pedal pins. 

You'll also find a Mute™ Foam insole to deliver confidence over any terrain. This high-performance midsole has been devised to give a slow rebound action, soaking up the chatter and vibration of the trail. Regardless of the trail, from ruts to roots to rocks to heavy landings, this keeps you securely connected and in control of your bike. 

It’s a combination that makes the Deed feel right at home on singletrack, pump tracks and all the tracks in-between.

Comfy Upper

When it comes to all-day riding comfort, the smooth and stealthy upper ensures you'll soon forget you're wearing the Deeds. Made from fast-drying textile and microfibre it gives a snug and flexible fit that's also supportive for efficient pedalling. Being fast-drying, you can also look forward to nice dry shoes every time you go ride - even if your last ride left your shoes soaked through. 

For easy and reliable adjustment, you can't beat laces. Quick to adjust, work in all weathers and easy to replace should they snap. The Deeds also feature a lace keeper, keeping the lace ends neatly stashed away and preventing them from getting in the drivetrain. 

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