Feedback Sports Cable & Housing Cutters

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At the heart of every bicycle is flush-cut housing, and cleanly cut and crimped cables. The Cable and Housing Tool manages these tasks with precision and elegance. The cold-forged, hardened CRV tool steel arms and precision-faced cutting jaws, even the stiffest housing gets a perfect cut every time. The built-in crimper perfectly secures housing ferrules and cable end-caps, and a closure latch keeps the jaws protected when not in use. These cutter-crimpers are perfect for learning bike maintenance, or for veteran mechanics. Available separate, or found in our Team Edition Tool Kit.

• Squarely cuts even the stiffest compression-less housing
• Cold-forged and hardened CRV tool steel arms prevent flex for easier cuts
• Creates perfect cable cuts, preventing fraying or damaged ends
• Precision-faced cutting jaws stay sharp and prevent cable and housing distortion
• Crimping tool creates capped cables without risk of damaging ends
• Closure latch keeps tool closed when not in use
• Overmolded file tread handles promote comfort and control during challenging cuts
• Designed to work on all types of bikes
• Found in the Team Edition Tool Kit

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.