Enduro BSA Maxhit 440C Stainless Steel for 24mm

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BKSM-8112 - Maxhit, 440C stainless steel, BSA24 Bottom Bracket kit

MAXhit is Enduros latest patent-pending innovation; where the bearing is actually the component. MAXhit bottom bracket bearings are designed to thread directly into your bicycles bottom bracket shell, eliminating the need for the aluminum cups that are traditionally used to carry the bearings. This unique design frees-up space for much larger balls that more than double the load capacity compared to standard BB bearings. The kit includes a full selection seals and spacers to ensure proper installation in any BSA threaded bike.

Machined entirely from 440C stainless steel and guaranteed for life, Maxhit headset bearings include proprietary double-lip labyrinth seals and Enduros extra high pressure grease to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free, heavy duty performance.

This is just one of the wide range of solutions that Enduro makes for the jumble of bottom bracket standards on the market today. For the full range of BB solutions please check out our BB Solutions Chart. Enduro offers a solution for just about any configuration at multiple price/performance levels, ranging from standard ABEC-3, up to XD15 Ceramic Hybrid bearings featuring a lifetime guarantee.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.