Elite PB T-Race Carbon Cages

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T-Race Carbon

T-Race Carbon is Elite’s new bottle cage with carbon fiber, designed to make it easier to insert and remove the bottle from all sides during races.

Made in ultra-lightweight and highly resistant carbon-reinforced material, it’s great on the road but also when you’re riding on your mountain bike or over gravel tracks as it ensures great retention and resistance over any terrain, even the roughest.


Max lightness

Vico Carbon's structure combined with the high resistance of carbon fiber ensure great resistance at only 15 grams, which is a record-weight for a high-end bottle cage.

By doing so we can get rid of nearly 50% of plastic materials compared to traditional carbon-reinforced cages. And this makes it just perfect for every climbs and routes you’re planning to explore with the firmest bottle retention over rough terrains.


Easy insertion and max bottle retention

T-Race Carbon is made with Adriano Design. This cage is shaped by the letter “T” as in Time Trial on the side of the bicycle’s frame.

The structure is designed to ensure the smoothest insertion and extraction of the bottle with its wide snap-fit opening, which is particularly useful on bicycles with smaller or sloping frames. 
This cage makes an excellent work in keeping the bottle body firmly in place, both on its high and low sections, so there’s total retention even on bumpy roads. Perfect for gravel tracks and mountain bikes.


  • Weight
    15 g
  • reinforced with
    Carbon fiber
  • Diameter
    74 mm

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.