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Custom Race is the bottle cage conceived and designed to be efficient and winning.

Its features turned it into the most used bottlecage by Pro Teams worldwide.

Unmatched evolution

Custom Race is ideal for all types of terrain, even the steepest ones, as it firmly holds the bottle in place all the while maintaining great adaptability to the shape of the bottle, with easy insertion and extraction.

The fibre-reinforced (FRP) painted composite material structure on the Custom Race absorbs vibrations and holds the bottle in place.

The first that adapts to the bottle

Custom Race was the first bottle cage capable of automatically adapting to the shape of the bottle following its diameter.

This is possible thanks to the innovative self-adjusting rubber system that works by means of the adjustable elastomer rubber that adapts to the bottle when it is inserted.

The presence of this elastic allows an easier extraction of the bottle both in the direction of the axis of the bicycle and inclined on both sides.

Selected by Cycling Plus!

“Elite’s Custom Race is favoured by many pro and amateur race teams for its flexible durability. […] Rubber tabs grip your bottle effectively and insertion and removal is a breeze from any angle.”

Cycling Plus - UK's number 1 Road Cycling Magazine

Other info

  • Weight: 43gm
  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Material: Fibre-reinforced Plastic (FRP)

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.