Chris King Threadfit T47 30i Bottom Bracket

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Chris King bottom brackets utilize Fit Kits to ensure that cranks mate perfectly with our precision bearings, extend product life, and reduce the potential for noise. Fit Kits will also allow you to use one bottom bracket with a wide array of cranks, if you happen to change your cranks in the future.

For DUB cranks we have two fit kits to choose from, Fit Kit #1 DUB A and Fit Kit #2 DUB B.

Fit Kit #1 DUB A
Covers all DUB mountain fitments, as well as DUB road fitments with ThreadFit™ T47 bottom brackets.

Fit Kit #2 DUB B
For use with ThreadFit™ 30, ThreadFit™ T47 30i, ThreadFit™ T47 30x
68mm, 73mm, 73mm SB+, 86.5mm, 92mm, and 92mm SB+ BB shells.
Common Cranks: DUB 28.99mm spindle
For DUB mountain cranks there are a few extra fitments notes to be aware of. If you have a 68mm BB shell you will need two 2.5mm Cup Spacers.

For DUB Super Boost + cranks you will need one additional spindle spacer kit.

For use with ThreadFit™ 30
68/73mm Threaded Bottom Bracket Shell
30mm Cranksets (Wide)
Common Cranks: White Industries, SRAM (some models; excludes DUB and short spindle BB30), Race Face

For use with Press Fit 30 and ThreadFit™ T47 30i
68mm Wide BB Shells
24mm to 22mm Stepped Road Cranksets
Common Cranks: SRAM road, Bontrager road, TruVativ road, Zinn road

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.