Bioracer Gloves One Tempest Pixel

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Our fall and winter gloves collection is designed to provide all the needs the winter asks from your kit: maximum protection and visibility under all circumstances.

The One Tempest Pixel Protect gloves are a completely new development, they are designed from the bottom up and feature a lot of new ideas and concepts.

The biggest improvement is the way the different panels are stitched. Instead of an inside seam, we’ve stitched the gloves from the outside. This makes for a better fitting, virtually irritation free glove.

Main materials in these gloves are Tempest Protect, combined with Black Pixel inserts

These wind and waterproof fabrics protect your hands against the cold, but also against sweating too much in your gloves due to their breathable capacity.

They help maintain a constant temperature to enjoy your ride from the start till the end. The reflective inserts increase the visibility and help secure your safety.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.