Bioracer Epic EXPO58 Women's Jersey

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Looking for a high-end jersey for rides and races in mild to warm conditions? With the Epic Expo 58 Women’s Jersey, you go for style and performance.


Inspired by the positive vibes of Belgium’s Expo 58. A retro reboost that gets you ready for tomorrow’s world and rides! Matching arm warmers are included.


The powerband ensures that your jersey remains perfectly in place during the entire ride. Furthermore, the 4-way stretch gives you extra freedom of movement.  The clean cut sleeves with integrated grippers provide a gradual compression.


At the back, you have enough space to store your belongings in the three easily accessible 3D-pockets.


Size Advice: If you’re not comfortable with a tight fit, we advise to select one size up.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.