2022 Cervelo S5 Frameset

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Cervelo S5 Disc Frameset | 2022


The S5 is an aerodynamic road bike built for the fastest sprinters in the world. It is stiffer and more aerodynamic than ever before, while offering excellent comfort and ride quality. If you live for the exhilaration of going fast, the S5 will give you every possible advantage.


The 2022 S5 is the outcome of a comprehensive redesign that married Cervélo’s leading aerodynamics research/knowledge with an acute focus on the rider’s experience and needs. First, we went back to the aerodynamics drawing board and challenged ourselves to see every component’s shape in fresh ways. But then, instead of continuing to refine components, we changed our focus in two ways:


Dan Cavallari, Tech Editor - VeloNews Magazine:


“The S5 tracks well, follows a line without an overdue amount of rider input, and tracks almost flawlessly in a straight line without your hands on the bar. Carving high-speed turns was a joy on this thing.”


Key features of the 2022 Cervelo S5 Disc:



• Aerodynamic savings of 5.5 watts (42 grams of drag) achieved, compared to the 2014 S5 with AB04 (build standardized).



• Head tube stiffness increased by 13% to improve handling.

• Bottom bracket stiffness increased by 25% to increase pedal input and support the additional head tube stiffness.


Ride Quality:

• Bottom bracket dropped to lower the rider’s centre of gravity, providing greater stability during high speeds and turning.

• Trail length increased to provide greater stability.

• Trail values unified across all sizes, for superior ride and handling qualities at all frame sizes—a particular benefit for smaller frames.



• Aero cockpit comprehensively redesigned to allow concealment of both mechanical and electronic control cables, while allowing easy adjustability.

• Stem stack range of up to 30mm (in 5mm increments).

• Handlebar stack range of 2.5mm, independent of stem.

• Handlebar pitch adjustment in two steps, to 2.5 degrees or 5 degrees.

• Compatibility with standard stems and handlebars to accommodate the widest fit range possible.

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.