Zipp Tangente Speed Clincher Tyre

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Let’s face it, the tire on your bike makes the primal decision for the rest of the system, both where the airflow is going to go and your connection with the road.


When Zipp introduced their Tangente line of tires in 2007 we did with a focus on leading edge airflow properties and how they interfaced with our rims. We worked with an industry-leading manufacturer to develop the tire casing and tread compound, but did not have as heavy of a focus on rolling resistance.


For 2015, we have taken everything that we learned from Firecrest rim shapes and updated our tire technology to not only maximize airflow, but also optimize rolling resistance. We are excited to introduce the all NEW Tangente line of tires: Course, Speed, SLSpeed.



Intended use: Racing

Optimised for dry road conditions

220 TPI nylon casing

New aero tread pattern

Sidewalls designed for supple and compliant ride feel

Rubber formulated for grip and acceleration

Very low rolling resistance to save power

Light weight



Type: Clincher

Weight: 180g

Casing: Rubber/Nylon

Bead: Kevlar

TPI Thread Count: 220

Puncture Protection: No

Intended Use: Racing