Topeak Tri-Backup Tube Bag

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Long days in the saddle training and racing take their toll on your equipment. Tri-BackUp TubeBag provides protection from harmful ultra violet rays that can quickly degrade an inner tube. So the next time you have to fix a flat, your tube is ready to go. Designed to integrate with Tri-BackUp Pro V and Tri-BackUp Pro I for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.


MATERIAL 420D nylon
MOUNT Works w/ TRI-BackUP® Pro V / Pro I
Saddle rails
COMPATIBILITY Up to 700 x 25c inner tube
ROUND TUBE DIAMETER Fits ø23 - ø48 mm
AERO TUBE Fits up to 260 mm (10.2”) circumference
SIZE 12.2 x 6.8 x 4.4 cm / 4.8” x 2.7” x 1.7”
WEIGHT 70 g / 2.47 oz (Bag only)