Silca 2pc Valve Extenders

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Use Silca Removable Core Valve Extenders and avoid rattling with your deep-section rims

Silca Removable Valve Core (RVC) Extensions are smart in their design and are simple to install, providing air-tight valves without the use of tape or threadseal. The result: noise and vibration on the road are reduced.

That dreaded valve stem 'click' has troubled many a deep-section wheel rider over the years, often only discovered after about everything else on the bike has been rebuilt and greased; valve stem 'clicking' or rattling occurs when the valve stem moves within the valve hole in the rim, generally on rougher roads. Silca uses a patent pending ribbed gasket which is compressible to both fit more tightly to the hole as well as to cushion any contact between the rim and extension when the gasket is aligned with the hole, and if the gasket is located beyond the hole, it still provides critical vibration damping which can greatly reduce noise.

Silca RVC extensions solve air leakage due to poor thread fitment or to stem loosening by using both elastomeric gaskets at the interfaces as well as a thin film sealant on the thread surfaces. This thin film is non-adhesive so your extensions will be re-useable, but works to eliminate loosening caused by vibration or other factors. Silca RVC Extensions work ONLY on tubes and tubulars with Removable Valve Cores.

Note: The fitment recommendations given by Silca in the chart below are based on standard clincher and tubular tyre well depths - your rim may vary slightly. Some rims have deeper tyre wells, and some tubes may use other valve lengths. To ensure proper fit, you should measure the distance from inner rim face to base of tyre well. Valve stem, plus valve extension should measure 14-24mm longer than distance between rim inner valve hose and outer valve hole.

Locating the gasket within the hole is ideal, however, even if the gasket is entirely located outside the rim, some noise reduction will occur due to the damping effect of the gasket. Please use fitment chart below to determine size.


Made from CNC 6066-T6 Aluminum with Elastomeric Gaskets

Includes Tool for removing valve core and tightening extension

Package Contains 2 Extensions and 1 Installation Tool

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.