Lazer Helmet Bullet Matt Black

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Whatever type of road riding you are doing, the Lazer Bullet Helmet can be adapted to suit, so you can prioritise either ventilation or aerodynamics. This helmet has been designed in collaboration with the Lotto-Soudal team and its closed-off shell design provides an edge in those sprint finishes, where hundredths of a second can count.

Living up to its name, a narrow shape and small frontal area offer an aerodynamic advantage, further improved by the closed-shell design.

You won't need a different helmet for tackling climbs on hot days, as the Airslide system can be quickly and easily opened or closed to suit the conditions. When open, air flows in through the front of the helmet and out through exhaust vents to the rear to enhance ventilation when you need it most.

The Bullet offers a snug fit and can be adjusted via the rear dial. On top of the included performance features, LifeBEAM technology can be easily installed for measurement of your heart rate, eliminating the need for a separate heart rate strap, or the Inclination Sensor can be added to monitor your head position so you can ensure you are always in the most aerodynamic position. Both sensors are purchased separately.


  • Airslide system for ventilation on demand
  • Closed shell for aerodynamic performance
  • Narrow shape and small frontal area for improved aerodynamics
  • Rear adjustment dial
  • Quick and easy installation of the LifeBEAM technology to measure your heart rate, or the Inclination Sensor to monitor your head position on the bike (both purchased separately)

*Subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.