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Every proper city bike has a bell, but for a lot of sportive cyclists that thing is a no-go: it looks stupid, it ruins the aerodynamics and hey, the pros don’t ring either! Sounds familiar? Then the HideMyBell is made for you. It integrates the bell discretely in an out-front handlebar mount.


In addition to the HideMyBell regular, this is the mini variant with only a 2 centimeter shorter arm. By the way, the HideMyBell is much more than just a bell with our accessory line.




Bell discrete integrated: loud and rattle free (weight penalty just 2 grams).

Out of front holder design.

Lightweight: 48 grams.

31.8 mm handlebar clamp.

Stainless steel bolts.

Made of strong Polymer (POM).

Made and engineered in the Netherlands.

Patent pending.



Adapters: GoPro, Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Bryton and Polar.

Accessory: GoPro style adapter.