Goodyear Tyre Vector 4Seasons

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Developed for Grip, Durability & Efficency
Ultra high-performance to a broader range of conditions with a reinforced casing, wider tread cap and dedicated Dynamic:Silica4 compounding to minimize rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip.

Dynamic Compounding
Dynamic: Silica4 compound is formulated to minimize rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip.

R:Shield - Improved puncture protection under the tread while maintaining overall performance

Dual Integrated Tread Zones
Keeping the driving and braking forces aligned properly as cornering forces come into play.


Application Multi-Condition High Performance Road
Casing Construction Standard 1.0 Ply
Tpi 120
Tread Compound Silica4
Diameter 700c
Width 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm
Weight 250g (25mm), 260g (28mm), 275g (30mm), 285g (32mm)
Casing/Protection R:Shield

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