Castelli Pants Tempesta Black/Grey

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Unconventional rain protection

Whether you’re training for your own Tour de France, or you’re riding through the Alps on the trip of a lifetime, and you catch infernal weather conditions. You could call it quits, or you could pull on the Tempesta Pant over your shorts. Castelli's exclusive eVent® and Torrent fabrics give you a fully seam-sealed lightweight pant that’s going to keep the water at bay. The 3/4 cut keeps airflow coming in from just below the knee to prevent overheating. The Torrent 3-layer stretch fabric is used where you need extra give in the fabric to move with you. You’ll want to pull this pant off when it stops raining, so it's extremely compact, easily stashed in a pocket.

eVent waterproof fabric keeps you dry in wet riding conditions. It’s waterproof outside while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside through millions of tiny pores. In fact, eVent is 30% more breathable than it’s closest competitor. eVent is the smartest choice for athletes who need and demand the highest possible performance and comfort from their gear.